Gender equality and the fashion world


Gender equality and the fashion world

Overtime, the world of fashion has experienced variations and changes. The human race cannot be left out as we remain the promoters of the course regardless of the dynamics.

Gender equality and the fashion world

Gender equality comes with a notion that men and women have equal access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender, including economic participation and decision making ;and the state of valuing different behaviors ,aspirations and needs equally ,regardless of gender.

Fashion-wise, we have been made to understand that both human gender does the trend better; these complexities even spring up among families since the family is the basic unit of every society.

Religion-wise, mostly in Islamic and Christian Dom , women are stringently cautioned on what befits their quality as the feminine are said to be of divine dignity and that their bodies should not be exposed in the name of fashion.

Gender equality and the fashion world

It is a known fact that fashion contributes to a good societal outlook as fashion tend to defines the societal integrity of our people.

Men and women alike are equally addressed on the basis of the fashion that they entertain.

Based on people’s plight chauvinism, the area of differences between men and their female counterparts are seen by virtue of the fashion trend they portray.

It could also be depicted that we are in a society where men rocks female trend in the name of homosexuality or just to create humor most times professionally.

Cases of gender inequality on the ground of fashion are rare as we are in a society where a complete distinction between the fashion trends for masculine and feminine gender.



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